Premium ANL Fuse HOLDER with 150A (AMP) 32V DC Slo-Blo

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ANL Fuse Holder with 150AMP Fuse

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1 x ANL Fuse Holder in a poly sealed bag 
1 x 150AMP ANL Fuse in a poly sealed bag
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Use with MEGA fuses up to 200A. Ideal for battery and alternator connections and other heavy gauge cables requiring ultra high current protection. Includes protective cover. Features interconnecting pins on side of fuse block for secure multiple block\ configurations. Includes M8 threaded studs and hex nuts with lock washers.

Aftermarket - 298 Series - MEGA(R) Slo-Blo(R) Automotive Bolt-Down Fuse. The MEGA(R) Fuse is designed for high current circuit protection up to 200 amperes with Diffusion Pill Technology. The MEGA(R) Fuse also provides time delay characteristics. Designed and patented by Littelfuse, the MEGA(R) Fuse is ideal for battery and alternator protection application and other heavy gauge cables requiring ultra-high current protection.

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